Pros and Cons of Moving to Northern California

California is not what you see in most Hollywood movies. There are so many things to know about this state before you decide whether you like to move in here or not.

Read the following pros and cons, and weigh your options.


Weather. The best reason to move to California. It is mostly sunny all year round. You can enjoy frolicking on the beach while the sun kisses your skin. Even in winter, the weather is still tolerable. The weather is perfect for growing grapes and there are plenty of homes for sale in sonoma valley that offer both great weather and a fantastic community to live in.

The Ocean. California coast facing the Pacific Ocean serves as heaven for beach lovers. The whole stretch of sandy beaches provides an amazing venue for outdoor adventures such as surfing, sailing, diving, and snorkelling. If you just want to unwind, there is no better way to do than to listen to the waves as they crash to the shore.

The Mountains. You’ll never get bored in this Golden State. There are a lot of activities you can do, especially if you love the outdoors. You can trek on lush mountains every week and you will find out how peaceful and relaxing it is. If you want to go extreme, there are so many other exhilarating things you can do on the mountain. You can do rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain cycling, wild water rafting, or even fishing in some mountains with rivers and lakes.

Lifestyle. California has the best amenities to offer you a comfortable living. If you want to live like a star, or see Hollywood superstars, California is the best place for you.


Overpopulated. This is true. There are so many people in California. You might get a little culture shocked because a lot of them are coming from the minorities-Hispanic and Asians. If you are not used to seeing a lot of minority groups before, not in California.

The cost of living. California is an expensive state to live. Even if you are not living in the major cities, you’ll still going to complain about the cost of living.

The places are not the same anymore. A few decades ago, most Californian neighborhoods are friendly and safe. It hasn’t been like that anymore. There are still so many amazing people in general, but the neighborhood is no longer the same.

Family. If you are going to move in California but you are going to leave your family behind, that’s the biggest con. It is hard to be far from your family. You will need some time before you get used to being far from them.